Taylor Swift Explaining How She Washes Her Legs Has Divided The Internet

16 May 2019, 14:55

Taylor Swift was asked by Ellen DeGeneres if she washes her legs in the shower and her answer has had the most bizarre response on social media.

Taylor Swift appeared on The Ellen Show for the first time in four years this week to promote her new album, but of course the show’s host had to throw in a bizarre question to put the pop star on the spot.

Following the viral Twitter debate of whether people wash their legs in the shower, Ellen put the topic to Taylor – whose long pins are said to be insured for £26.5 million.

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Taylor Swift washes her legs when she shaves them
Taylor Swift washes her legs when she shaves them. Picture: EllenTube/YouTube / Getty

And the ‘Me!’ singer’s harmless response was simply: “I do because when you shave your legs, the shaving cream is like soap, right?”

But the 29 year old’s admission has divided the internet and, quite bizarrely, people are grossed out.

Ellen agreed with Tay Tay that shaving foam is the equivalent of soap, but she later made a poll on Twitter to figure out how many people wash their legs in the shower, which is where fans used the opportunity to criticise the singer’s method.

Meanwhile, people have been debating the topic for hours, with many claiming they simply let the soap run down from their body while others actually spend time washing their pins.

Now onto more important questions, do you wash your legs in the shower?

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