Ariana Grande Just Took Down A Sexist Hater On Facebook She Did NOT Hold Back!

13 April 2016, 10:22

Ariana Grande

#Boom…. don’t mess with Ari!

We all know the Internet is FULL of trolls who spout their hate and (mostly) get away with it all of the time. Step forward Ariana Grande… who’s SICK of coping with it all!

The ‘Focus’ star must have witnessed one too many sexist, body-shaming comments online because she just took down one hater on Facebook in the most AMAZING way.

The singer was called out by a ‘fan’ who posted the following comment online: “Ariana all respect but dangerous woman I loved, but the trouble is that in he [sic] video salts like a whore! Sorry for the rudeness, I only just said the truth… SORRY!”

Well, this was all just ONE step too far for our lady Ariana, who took the Facebook user to task on his double standards and urged him to *ahem* get his head out of his behind.

“When will people stop being offended by women showing skin/expressing sexuality?” Ariana questioned. “Men take their shirts off / express their sexuality on stage, in videos, on Instagram, anywhere they want to… all. the. time.

“The double standard is so boring and exhausting. With all due respect, I think it’s time you get your head out of your a**. Women can love their bodies too!!”

You go, girl! Ariana… we’ve never loved you more!

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