Ariana Grande Receives The Cutest Messages From Her Fans After Cancelling A Show Due To Sickness

18 November 2019, 16:09 | Updated: 18 November 2019, 16:10

Ariana Grande had to cancel a concert after falling ill
Ariana Grande had to cancel a concert after falling ill. Picture: Getty / Twitter

Ariana Grande had to cancel her concert on Sunday night due to sickness.

Ariana Grande cancelled Sunday night’s scheduled tour stop in Kentucky after being struck down with a sinus infection following three weeks of feeling unwell.

The pop star was of course devastated to have to cancel the show, warning fans the previous night it was looking likely she might have to pull out of the gig.

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After announcing she wouldn’t be able to perform, Ariana took to Twitter to thank her fans for their support after being flooded with messages.

It’s clear Ari’s stans truly care about the ‘Thank U, Next’ singer’s wellbeing as most weren’t even mad about missing out on the show.

Ariana said in a tweet her head was “beyond pounding” and her throat hurt too, which is no surprise as she’s completed over a whopping 80 shows this year.

“I love y’all and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness,” she said.

And it was, in fact, whole-hearted kindness Arianators showed their idol as they urged her to put her health first.

“Get well soon, we love you,” replied one follower, as a second insisted: "Keep taking care of yourself baby! Never want you to push yourself to any extremes. But yes… we literally can never tell [if you’re sick].”

“I love you. Please take time for yourself if you feel like you need it,” tweeted another fan, as one more added: “Your health matters the most. Get well soon.”

“Please focus on yourself and getting better, shows mean nothing truly honestly. There will be so many more in the future,” urged someone else.

Another fan also managed to get footage from Ari’s concert on 15 November, where the ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ hitmaker sounds sensational belting out ‘Breathin’.

“So she’s sick but I recorded this from my show yesterday… are you real Ms Grande?” they captioned it.

After being flooded with the sweet messages, Ari tweeted: “Crying. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate u all or like effectively express what a blessing it is to have u in my life.”

Legend Barbra Streisand also reached out to the singer, advising she drinks a strong Vitamin C drink with some Manuka honey and eats some chicken soup.

Taking on her advice, Ari later posted an Instagram Stories clip of herself hooked up to an IV.

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