Ariana Grande couldn't "breathe or drink or eat" in her Twilight Zone Halloween costume

1 November 2019, 16:39

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Ariana fully committed to her Twilight Zone inspired look from the classic 1960 'Eye of The Beholder' episode. The singer told fans that she couldn't "breathe or drink or eat" in the costume that saw her don an intense prosthetic 'pig' nose.

While everyone else was busy dressing up as Billie Eilish for Halloween this year, Ariana Grande went old school for her 2019 costume. The singer spooked her fans with her Twilight Zone inspired look. Ari channelled the "pig people" from the 1960 'Eye of The Beholder' episode of the classic television show – and it was no easy feat.

Ariana teased the look in the run-up to Halloween and told fans that she couldn't "breathe or drink or eat" with her terrifying prosthetics on.

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Fans of the science fiction anthology series will know the classic episode for its fascinating themes on beauty. A woman named Janet Tyler undergoes a series of surgeries to improve her appearance. At the end of the episode, we learn that the woman is actually quite attractive by our human standards but because "pig people" are the norm, she is seen as grotesque and unattractive.

Ariana put quite a bit of effort into pulling off the look off and she shared some BTS info about the process on Twitter.

"I've committed to my theme. reapplying my prosthetics and serving a new haunted hotel twilight zone hostess look. nothing makes me more feel more joy. even if i can’t breathe or drink or eat [sic]," she tweeted on Thursday 31 October.

When a fan asked how Ari was breathing, she simply replied: "nose holes." FAIR ENOUGH, GIRL.

Ari shared Twilight Zone themed video teasers for the costume as well and we're sure OG host Rod Serling would have approved.

And in case you thought Ari wasn't committed to her Twilight Zone theme, just take a gander at her house decorations. Yup, she nailed it.

What did you guys think or Ari's spooky look?