Ariana Grande Fuels Rumours She's Dating Social House's Mikey Foster During Disneyland Trip

3 February 2020, 12:13 | Updated: 3 February 2020, 12:23

Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster fuel dating rumours with Disneyland trip
Ariana Grande and Mikey Foster fuel dating rumours with Disneyland trip. Picture: Getty Images

Ariana Grande has fuelled rumours she's dating Social House collaborator Mikey Foster after they were spotted linking arms at Disneyland months after Frankie Grande hinted they were together.

Ariana Grande has been spotted enjoying a trip to one of her favourite places, Disneyland, with her group of friends, linking arms with one half of Social House, Mikey Foster, fuelling rumours once again the pair are more than friends.

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The 26-year-old strolled around the park with a VIP guide in the evening, disguised in a trademark oversized hoodie and sky high heels, linking arms with Mikey as they chatted together, and people an't help but wonder if the close pals are anything more than friends.

This is mostly because of Ari's brother, Frankie, who caused a stir last September when saying he and his partner Hale Leon go on double dates with Ariana and Mikey. 

He was caused to quickly backtrack, taking to Twitter to tell people to 'relax' and that Ari is 'very much single', but he'd already let slip he loved having board games nights with the pair, soooo... many remain unconvinced.

Some fans are hesitant but very much here for it, with one writing, "none of my business but i‘m still rooting for ariana & mikey" and another saying, "can ariana and mikey date already?"

In 2019 the pair released their first collaboration along with Mikey's bandmate, Charles "Scootie" Anderson, 'Boyfriend, in which Ari and Mikey played lovers, making out and packing on some serious PDA, but of course, it was all for the video, right guys?

Some Ari fans, however, remain sceptical they're an item, pointing out they've been in the same friendship group for years, with someone saying, "chile are people really back on the ariana and mikey dating rumors" and another writing, "y’all LOVE to assume ariana and mikey are dating and for what", so you guys can make your own minds up!

Ariana and Mikey made out in their music video for 'boyfriend'
Ariana and Mikey made out in their music video for 'boyfriend'. Picture: YouTube/ Ariana Grande

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