"The Christian Grey Of Meat" - James Corden HILARIOUSLY Falls In Love With That Hot Turkish Butcher!

10 January 2017, 15:30

Admiring the Hot Turkish Butcher


"I get the meat sweats... In my -" AHEM! We'll stop you right there, James.

Anyone with a Facebook account or a Twitter profile will have undoubtedly seen meme after meme after meme after meme of the Hot Turkish Butcher, who's real name is Nusret Gökçe. And - yes - you're not alone in having a crush on him.

It's not just us who get a little hot and heavy every time someone shares a clip of him delicately chopping meats; James Corden's also in on it too.

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During The Late Late Show, the host introduced his stateside audience to the butcher's sensual and delicate was of handling his, well, meats - or, as James called it, "the most erotic thing [he] might have seen".

The Hot Turkish ButcherPic: YouTube

From slapping the foods to smearing them in butter, you can kinda see why Jimmy got a little sweaty.

We feel a little nervous for James' partner, Julia, because it looks like he has his eyes on someone else. Especially after he licked his lips over his "tender loins".

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