YouTuber Logan Paul 'Defends' James Charles & Warns People About Labelling Him A 'Predator'

16 May 2019, 09:45

Logan Paul steps into defend James Charles amid controversy
Logan Paul steps into defend James Charles amid controversy. Picture: YouTube Impaulsive/ Youtube james Charles

Logan Paul has stepped in to defend fellow YouTuber James Charles who has been accused of trying to 'manipulate people's sexualities' in his favour.

YouTuber Logan Paul has stepped into the conversation around James Charles and warned people 'really think about what they're saying' when referring to him as 'sexual predator' on his weekly podcast, Impaulsive.

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He is one of the only people to have come to the make-up mogul's defence and a surprising one, since he also admitted he doesn't like James.

The 24-year-old: "I don’t like James Charles...but the crime does not fit the punishment."

"I’m not defending James Charles, I’m saying, [go] easy when you puff your chest out, put your chin up, and call him a sexual predator."

"Really think about what you’re saying, and really think about what a true 'sexual predator' is...the kid is 19. Cut him some slack, please."

One of the other people to defend him was Nikita Dragun, who shared screenshots of messages between them at Coachella when Tati Westbrook accused him of 'betraying' her by promoting sugar bear hair, a rival to her own company.

She insisted that James was telling the truth when he said he only promoted the brand after they provided him with emergency security at the festival, as he was being mobbed by fans.

Logan is, of course, no stranger to controversy himself, causing uproar and widespread criticism back in 2017 for uploading a YouTube video from a 'suicide forest' in Japan that included a dead body which quickly gained millions of views.

He was condemned by celebrities, politicians and YouTube itself and it's something he has since deleted and apologised for, having since returned to podcasting and vlogging.

Many have taken to Twitter to weigh in on the debate, pointing out that if Logan's career has continued and not been 'cancelled' how should James Charles ultimately be punished?

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