Wretch 32 Shares Horrifying Video Of Police Tasering His Dad

10 June 2020, 11:32

The footage of Wretch 32's dad being tasered has gone viral
The footage of Wretch 32's dad being tasered has gone viral. Picture: PA/ITV

Wretch 32 and his dad Millard Scott appeared on ITV news to address the awful video of his father being tasered by UK police, which went viral.

Wretch 32 spoke out against police brutality in the UK after sharing horrific footage of his 62-year-old dad Millard Scott being tasered by an officer.

The 35-year-old rapper took to Twitter to share the clip, writing: "This is how the police think they can treat a 62 year old black man in Tottenham but this 1 happens to be my dad #Nojusticenopeace.”

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The disturbing video was taken from an officer’s body camera and shows the police going into Scott’s Tottenham home.

At the start of the video, the police can be seen entering the front door of the house as a woman tells them: “I’m not resisting, don’t touch me, social distancing, please don’t touch me.”

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Wretch 32's dad Millard Scott spoke to ITV News about the incident
Wretch 32's dad Millard Scott spoke to ITV News about the incident. Picture: ITV

The officers then go up the stairs and shout: “Police with taser, stay where you are,” before you see Millard fall heavily on to the stairs after being tasered.

The ‘Gracious’ artist, real name Jermaine Scott, went to appear on ITV News alongside his dad to discuss the incident, which took place in April this year.

Millard told ITV he believed he would not have been tasered if he were white.

He said: “I’m lucky to be alive. It seems to me we’re being singled out and targeted.”

Note: The video clip below contains scenes which some readers may find upsetting.

Wretch 32 shared the footage on social media
Wretch 32 shared the footage on social media. Picture: PA

Wretch 32 went on to speak about brutality within the UK police, saying: “I’ve grown up in a household with a dad and uncle and I’ve watched them fight against police brutality.

“I’m 35 now and I have to have the same conversation with my children that my father and grandfather had with me.

“That means there’s no progression," he added, following the Black Lives Matter movement which has seen thousands of activists standing in solidarity across the world to fight against the injustice and discrimination to people in the black community.

The Metropolitan Police denied racial motive and said they went into the property as part of ‘a long-running operation to tackle drugs supply linked to serious violence’.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has shared the ITV interview with Wretch 32 and called for an IOPC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) investigation into what happened.

He tweeted: “It’s absolutely vital that our police service retains the trust of the communities it serves."

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