Will There Be A National Lockdown At October Half Term?

14 October 2020, 12:45

Will Boris Johnson impose an October half term lockdown?
Will Boris Johnson impose an October half term lockdown? Picture: Getty Images

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposes a tougher, three tiered lockdown system in the UK, are we headed to an October half term national lockdown?

As the government imposes stricter lockdown measures across parts of the UK as part of its 'three tier system' to halt the spike in Coronavirus cases, everyone is wondering if national lockdown could be imposed to coincide with October half term.

Now, Northern Ireland has announced it is set to impose such a lockdown, making it the first part of the UK to do so, as others wonder if England will be next.

Their lockdown will see tighter restrictions for four weeks, two of which will see schools closed.

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What has become known as a 'circuit breaker' lockdown has become the topic of discussion as a way to halt the growing cases of COVID-19.

It is now being called upon by opposition leader Sir Kier Starmer who is urging the Prime Minister to 'act now' whilst warning of a "sleep walking into a long and bleak winter."

Wales is seriously considering this option, as said by Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford, who told TimesRadio he was considering a 'short, sharp intervention' and is currently working out the details of it.

This short term lockdown is being proposed during school's half term to allowed for minimal disruption, however, as it stands, Boris Johnson has not opted for the national lockdown, instead imposing local restrictions where deemed necessary.

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