Who Is Sausage On The Masked Singer UK As Fans Speculate Sheridan Smith & Joss Stone

29 January 2021, 17:47 | Updated: 9 February 2021, 14:54

Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK?
Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK? Picture: ITV

Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK? Fans think it could be Joss Stone, Sheridan Smith or Stacey Solomon! Here’s a look at all the clues and theories…

The Masked Singer UK coming to an end as celebs are unmasked and we couldn’t be happier to see an all singing, all dancing Sausage on our screens every Saturday night (and we know this won’t be the weirdest thing to happen in 2021!)

As viewers continue guess who lies behind the outlandish costumes, Sausage's identity is one of the last remaining mysteries with huge names including Joss Stone, Stacey Solomon and Sheridan Smith being thrown into the ring.

Who is behind the mask of Sausage? Let’s take a look at the celebrity clues and theories…

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The Masked Singer UK viewers think Joss Stone could be Sausage.
The Masked Singer UK viewers think Joss Stone could be Sausage. Picture: Joss Stone/Instagram

Who is Sausage on The Masked Singer UK?

The judges have guessed that the celebrity performing as Sausage could be former Doctor Who actress and pop star Billie Piper or even TV presenter Maya Jama.

One theory is that the celebrity behind the mask could be singer Joss Stone.

The 33-year-old had a huge singing career in the early noughties and had some huge hits such as ‘Super Duper Love,’ ’Fell in Love With a Boy,’ and ‘Don’t Cha Wanna Ride’.

However, viewers have heaps of other theories as to who it could be, including Stacey Solomon – who is a front-runner to be behind the mask – and Sheridan Smith.

Sheridan can hardly post a tweet without someone accusing her of being 'Sausage' at the moment!

What are the clues about Sausage on The Masked Singer UK?

In her latest VT, the celeb behind the Sausage said: "The joy of this mask is that you're totally trying to guess what I look like.

"I'll be honest with you - someone once said I look like a horse. I do enjoy hiding my face behind this mask, although it's not the first time I've made sure you can't see my face in my work.

"Tonight the chips are down, and I'm just hoping I can cut the mustard."

The Masked Singer continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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