The WAP Dance Challenge Is Taking Over TikTok And James Charles & Addison Rae's Epic Moves Are Seriously Impressive

25 August 2020, 13:23

TikTok stars are recreating the WAP music video
TikTok stars are recreating the WAP music video. Picture: TikTok / Cardi B/YouTube

James Charles and Addison Rae are racking up millions of likes on their recreation of the WAP dance routine.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP dance routine almost broke the internet when the sensational video dropped this month, so of course it’s being recreated by millions of Tiktok users.

Among them, social media influencers James Charles and Addison Rae have taken on the challenge and the internet is genuinely so impressed.

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At the time of writing, James’ video has three million likes after putting on a proper show in his garden, including a back flip on his trampoline and doing the splits in the air – who knew he was so flexible!?

Addison Rae’s video has received over 15.2 million likes, after her flexibility (and her massive house) left fans speechless in the clip.

Her mum's version of the routine was equally as jaw-dropping, as she warned her daughter "I hope this teaches you to be nice to your mama."

The WAP challenge has over 542 million views, with some hilarious clips showing people’s partners’ reactions to the saucy routine.

Boyfriends have dived to stop their girlfriends from doing the moves and parents have watched open-mouthed from the edge of the room after walking in on their kids’ attempts.

Some have also made the steamy routine more PG, with the usual TikTok elbow jutting replacing the likes of Cardi B's twerking.

One user quickly hilariously switched the moves into yoga after hearing her dad walk in the room.

The most followed person on the app, Charli Di Amelio, also took on the song, but didn’t opt for the eye-popping version the rest of the internet seems to be doing and instead kept things PG.

Charli’s moves to Megan Thee Stallion’s amazing rap in the song has over 4.8 million likes. Woah.

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