How Old Are Love And Theo Meant To Be In You Series 3?

20 October 2021, 17:05

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Love and Theo begin an illicit affair in You series three, and their romance has fans wondering how old they’re meant to be.

Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley’s) marriage begins to show cracks in You season three, but we guess that’s only natural when you’re a pair of actual murderers.

Things get messy in their new town of Madre Linda, but it’s not all killing for the new parents.

* You series three spoilers ahead *

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Joe obviously finds himself a new victim to feed his obsessive nature, while Love gets into a new romance of her own, with Theo (Dylan Arnold), the son of their next-door neighbour.

Love Quinn and Theo's age gap raised eyebrows in You
Love Quinn and Theo's age gap raised eyebrows in You. Picture: Netflix
Love actress Victoria Pedretti is 26
Love actress Victoria Pedretti is 26. Picture: Netflix

After finishing series three of You, fans can’t help but wonder about the age-difference between Love and Theo, and how old each of the characters are actually meant to be.

How old is Love in You series 3?

Love’s age is never directly addressed in You season three, but in the books her character is 35.

However, it seems her age was changed for the Netflix series and she plays a role closer to Victoria’s off-screen age, of 26.

Dylan Arnold plays 19-year-old Theo in You on Netflix
Dylan Arnold plays 19-year-old Theo in You on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

How old is Theo in You series 3?

Theo plays Joe and Love’s neighbour Matthew Engler’s son, and the step-son of Natalie, the neighbour Joe has a momentary fling with, and his age is actually confirmed in the show – he’s 19 years old.

Victoria addressed her character Love’s age gap with Theo, clearing up in a chat with Elle: “He’s definitely not a child” after fans raised questions about their sexual relationship.

She also revealed co-star Dylan is one year older than her.

"I think we saw it as the unique relationship that they're kind of forging within the context of their town and both of their lived experiences. And their trauma and whatnot. It is really interesting though, how that forges,” she explained.

"I see them at the end when he's like 'run away with me' and I think about it when she's talking to Marienne," Victoria went on.

"She does get a glimpse of how maybe she ought to be treated, where somebody is really concerned about her well-being in a way that her parents don't really show a regard for, and her husband doesn't show much regard for, her brother didn't show much regard for."

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