Jenna Ortega & Emma Myers Spoke About The Wednesday & Enid Romance Theories

7 December 2022, 17:53

Fans are shipping Wednesday and Enid
Fans are shipping Wednesday and Enid. Picture: Netflix

By Savannah Roberts

Jenna Ortega and Emma Myers respond to Wednesday fans shipping them as 'Wenclair' and being a 'queer icon'.

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Spoilers ahead, be warned.

Wednesday is the pop culture moment we all can't get enough of, with viewers becoming massive admirers of the Netflix show's talented young cast!

The titular character of Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega, and her roommate Enid Sinclair, portrayed by Emma Myers, became firm favourites among fans in record time.

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Before long, theories that Wednesday and Enid could be more than just friends began to swirl online and the actresses have caught wind of the speculation.

At a press event, the 20-year-old Jenna spoke to Pride about the shipping of 'Wenclair', she said: "In a perfect world, we would have been a thing."

Jenna Ortega and Wednesday cast react to her dance scene

Jenna Ortega speaks about Wednesday being a 'queer icon'
Jenna Ortega speaks about Wednesday being a 'queer icon'. Picture: Getty

When Jenna's co-star Emma was asked about her take on the rumoured relationship she gave a tongue-in-cheek response: "I always say and they were roommates."

The interviewer asked her if it was a case of "opposites attract", Emma, also 20, replied: "Exactly. You know what I mean, and they were roommates. That's what I always say."

Jenna – who has also made waves in other Netflix shows such as You and Jane The Virgin – spoke to MTV News following the mega-success of the Addams Family spin-off about her character, revealing that she may stray away from dating boys in future.

"Now that Tyler's off the table, I feel like she's off of boys for a while," the acting sensation revealed.

Emma Myers spoke about the fan theories
Emma Myers spoke about the fan theories. Picture: Netflix
Emma has made waves portraying Enid Sinclair
Emma has made waves portraying Enid Sinclair. Picture: Netflix

"I feel like her and Xavier are just getting to a safe place. I think there's an opportunity there for a really sweet platonic relationship."

Some fans have even started calling Wednesday a queer icon, in response Ortega told Pride: "I think because she’s a bada**.

"She’s cool, she’s got a nice sense of style, but she’s somebody who embraces her differences and isn’t out to please anybody," Jenna explained, "I feel like that’s a really, really powerful thing to see. I feel like people want to see powerful women with powerful women."

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