WATCH: Tom Holland Surprises Three-Year-Old Spider-Man Obsessed Fan

22 April 2020, 12:18

The Spider-Man actor sang 'Happy Birthday' to Jimmy Kimmel's son, Billy, on his third birthday.

Tom Holland's having a wild time as he quarantines during the coronavirus pandemic. He's not only challenged the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal to participate in a topless challenge, but he's also bought himself several chickens, too!

Much like when he spoke to Justin Bieber via Instagram Live, Tom caught up with Jimmy Kimmel via a video call on his talkshow, Jimmy Kimmel Live, but this time, there was a very special guest...

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The Onward actor was joined by Billy Kimmel, Jimmy's son, on his third birthday, so Tom found it fitting to get into his MCU character and sing 'Happy Birthday' - a song not just for hand-washing now - to him, with the help of his older sister, Jane.

Before the big surprise, Tom spoke to Jimmy about quarantining in London with his brother and friends, what they've been up to while stuck in the house, the gift he received from Ryan Reynolds, video chatting with fellow Avengers, and doing online pub quizzes with the Russo Brothers.

Recently, Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp spoke to Tom Holland about upcoming films, including Disney's live-action adaptation of Tangled, with many of his fans petitioning for him to star as Flynn Rider.

"I really like that film," said the 23-year-old. "There's a lot of these live-action versions of animated films that I loved as a kid and I'm like 'I don't know if we need them'."

Whilst he later joked that he would be keen to play the protagonist, Rapunzel, many fans have opted for a different icon to play the titular character.

Tom Holland spoke to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp
Tom Holland spoke to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp. Picture: Capital

Many have petitioned to cast either Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift in the role, comparing their appearances to that of the animated character's.

This live-action adaptation will be released after Disney's highly anticipated The Little Mermaid, which was set to star Harry Styles as Prince Eric.

However, the 'Adore You' singer told Roman Kemp exactly why he turned down the role, claiming that the shooting schedule didn't work with his tour dates, but still praised the film.

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