WATCH: Tom Holland Goes Topless In Handstand Challenge & Jake Gyllenhaal Joins In

3 April 2020, 11:48

Tom Holland has provided some much needed eye candy taking on the handstand Instagram challenge and getting Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to join in.

Spiderman star Tom Holland has made the internet's dream come true as he completed an Instagram hand stand challenge and his top flew off in the process.

Tom, 23, who is something of a fan favourite on social media, saw thousands of tweets thanking the actor for allowing the viewing public an insight to, let's be honest, his rippling abs, during these testing times.

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Tom Holland's hand stand challenge has got people losing it
Tom Holland's hand stand challenge has got people losing it. Picture: Instagram @tomholland13

Also nominating BFF and co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal as well as Ryan Reynolds, the A-listers had very different reactions to the whole thing, with Jake (who has grown his hair long BTW) suffering the same topless fat as Tom whilst taking on the challenge.

As for Ryan, he had a typically hilarious reaction to what was being asked of him, staring into the camera and eventually just saying, "no", and honestly, we can't tell whose video we prefer.

One fan simply wrote 'bless this' whilst others urged the internet to send their thanks to Mr. Holland for the content he's provided, as well as urging Jake to get involved.

Another said: "Whoever invented this “handstand t-shirt challenge” and got Tom Holland to flex shirtless on insta stories... thank u very much."

He also decided to drop by on Instagram live with non other than Justin Bieber, where he recommended survival show, Alone, to the 'Intentions' singer, having been binging it with his family in London during lockdown.

All in all, it's been a star-studded 24 hours for the actor, who has blessed our eyes and kept us entertained for the foreseeable.

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