WATCH: Tom Holland Rescues A Fan Who Was Being "Crushed" By Autograph Hunters

25 June 2019, 14:52

Tom Holland saved a fan who was being crushed against a barricade
Tom Holland saved a fan who was being crushed against a barricade. Picture: Getty

The Spider-Man: Far From Home star threatened some autograph hunters after they were causing one girl to have a panic attack.

Tom Holland was signing autographs ahead of the release of his upcoming movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home, in New York, when one girl was suffering from a panic attack.

The fan, named Cass, took to Twitter to say that Tom threatened a bunch of men, saying "I'm gonna throw your sh*t on the ground if you keep pushing her".

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Later, Cass shared a short video of the incident, where Tom protects her. Cass can be heard saying "I'm literally having a panic attack", to which the Marvel actor supports her saying "It's okay - I've got you".

Cass also uploaded several photos of the autograph hunters' merchandise - including vinyl figures and signed posters on the floor, which were seemingly thrown down by Tom Holland.

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Some fans, however, claimed that it was also their memorabilia, due to the aggressive nature of the autograph hunters. One fan claimed that she was "trampled" to the ground by the grown men seeking an autograph.

Others claimed they were scared by the chaos. Cass went on to thank Tom for his support, saying "he calmed me down cause I was legitimately shaking and risked it all for me".