Tom Holland Buys Chickens After Being Unable To Find Eggs In The Supermarket Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

25 March 2020, 16:48

Tom Holland has found are for more creative way to get around the lack of eggs in the supermarkets, and we wish we’d thought of this sooner.

Tom Holland opted for a far more resourceful way to get eggs after seeing the supermarket shelves stripped of almost every staple ingredient, by buying some chickens.

The Spider-Man actor is isolating at home in the UK as the nation begins its stint in lockdown, and it seems even he was affected by panic-buyers clearing the shelves.

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Although restrictions on the number of items people can buy have now been put in place, in the weeks leading up to the UK lockdown shoppers snapped up bulk loads of eggs, pasta, toilet roll, and tinned goods.

Tom Holland is in lockdown at home in the UK
Tom Holland is in lockdown at home in the UK. Picture: Getty

But Tom has found a way around the dilemma, bringing chickens into his back garden so he has a constant supply of eggs.

Revealing his new friends on Instagram, Tom introduced Predator, Ranger, and Chestnut.

He told fans on Instagram: “With everything that’s going on, the supermarkets are all empty.

“There’s no eggs; we have no eggs. So we thought to solve that problem, we would become the source of eggs. Now, we’re the owner of chickens.”

Tom Holland has adopted three chickens
Tom Holland has adopted three chickens. Picture: Tom Holland/Instagram

Tom also promised fans to be “more present” on Instagram during the lockdown, as “I have nothing else to do”.

We're keen for more content from Predator, Ranger, and Chestnut, tbh!

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