Who Is The Circle's Woody Fred Cook? Zoe Ball And Norman Cook’s Son Is A Favourite To Win Season 2

17 October 2019, 16:11 | Updated: 17 October 2019, 16:20

Woody Fred Cook is the son of Zoe Ball and Norman Cook
Woody Fred Cook is the son of Zoe Ball and Norman Cook. Picture: Channel 4 / PA

Woody Fred Cook recently told his fellow players on The Circle his parents are Zoe Ball and Norman Cook.

The Circle’s contestants this year include the 18-year-old son of It Takes Two presenter Zoe Ball and DJ Norman Cook.

Woody has decided to remain as himself while playing the Channel 4 social media game but chose not to share who his famous parents are for the first couple of weeks through fear of the other players making judgements about him or taking advantage of him.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the reality star hopeful…

Who is Woody Fred Cook?

Woody is the son of Zoe Ball and Norman Cook, who were married from 1999 until 2016.

Zoe is a presenter on Strictly’s spin-off show It Takes Two and Norman Cook is a world-famous musician, DJ and producer.

They ended their relationship reportedly after a series of arguments.

Norman Cook and Zoe Ball split in 2016
Norman Cook and Zoe Ball split in 2016. Picture: PA

They also have a daughter, Nelly May Lois, nine.

Woody came out as bisexual earlier this year, telling US mag Boys By Girls that his mum’s first reaction was: “You can’t be, you like girls?”

But he got her to look back at her group of friends to make her realise she knew more bisexual people than she thought and his parents are more than supportive of him.

What did Woody say about joining The Circle?

Woody is taking part in the Channel 4 series to experience life “without the baggage of being Fatboy Slim’s son or Zoe Ball’s kid”.

He said of his strategy plan at the start: “I’m going to be friendly me, post lots of photos of me having fun rather than trying to look attractive. I’m just going to be Woody from Brighton.”

The 18 year old also describes himself as a “reformed social media addict” as he used to spend lots of time glued to his phone but now spends more time outside and tries to keep off of social media.

Zoe Ball and Norman Cook with Woody as a baby
Zoe Ball and Norman Cook with Woody as a baby. Picture: PA Images
Woody is remaining as himself on The Circle
Woody is remaining as himself on The Circle. Picture: Channel 4

What have Woody’s parents said about him taking part in The Circle?

Woody said his mum and dad have been supportive of his decision to take part in the show and gave him some wise words of advice before he got started.

He explained: “They have given me a lot to think about from past experiences and advice. They said that what you say on TV is out there forever and you can't unsay it and that once you share too much you never unshare it.”

The Circle season two finale is on 18 September at 10pm.

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