When Does The Circle End? The Final Date Of The Channel 4 Series

17 October 2019, 17:34 | Updated: 17 October 2019, 17:36

Emma Willis hosts The Circle 2019
Emma Willis hosts The Circle 2019. Picture: Channel 4

Channel 4’s The Circle comes to an end in a couple of weeks.

The Circle returned to our TV screens on 24 September, and it’s got a whole new host of viewers addicted to the social media reality show.

With contestants including TV presenter Richard Madeley and Zoe Ball’s son Woody, this year’s series has seen some of the players adopt all kinds of profiles such as a 43-year-old mum pretending to be her 25-year-old son.

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The Circle is on every night at 10pm, except for Saturdays, meaning it’s easy to become absorbed into the hilarious chats the contestants have with one another as they try to convince their co-stars they are who they say they are – academic Tim, 58, has especially proved to be a big hit.

After just over three weeks of the show, the final will take place on 18 October at 10pm.

The Circle launched live on Tuesday 24 September and has continued Sunday-Friday every evening at 10.15pm, with a live show on Fridays when host Emma Willis is joined by a panel of celebrities and the player who has been blocked from the series that week.

Last year’s winner was Alex Hobern, who successfully fooled his fellow players into thinking he was a girl named Kate – a profile he built based on his real life girlfriend Millie.

To get to the final, contestants must avoid being blocked by the rest of the group – people will be blocked if the others feel they aren’t who they say they are.

It is the most popular contestants who can block their least favourite person. The most popular players are decided through a vote between the other players.

This year, the winner will receive a whopping £100k, up significantly from 2018's £50k.

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