The Circle: 'Tired' Fans Urging Channel 4 To Change Show Time To 9pm

4 October 2019, 15:29

The Circle fans are urging the show to air at 9pm.
The Circle fans are urging the show to air at 9pm. Picture: PA/Instagram/Twitter

The Circle fans have been urging the show to change its airing time to 9pm.

The Circle is currently showing its second series, and after dropping episode 1 on September 24th, fans have been on Twitter asking the show to reschedule the time.

The Channel 4 show airs at 10pm each night, with fans claiming it’s ‘too late’ and urging producers to change the time to 9pm.

A string of tweets have emerged, with ‘tired’ fans calling out the show on social media.

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One wrote: “Is there any chance you can change the time to 9pm for The Circle instead of 10pm? I love watching the circle but finding it hard to stay awake, it’s on too late,” while another said, “Sorry but 10.15pm for the circle tonight if there is a series 3 can it plz move to 9pm some of us are up early the next day.”

“#TheCircle fans! RT if you think @Channel4 should put The Circle on at 9pm instead of 10 or like if you’re happy with it at 10pm,” another added.

Fans have declared the need for a petition, admitting that they are ‘always an episode behind’ after having to watch the show on catch-up, instead of the scheduled time on TV.

Some users even went as far as to start polls on Twitter, with one asking if viewers would prefer the show to be broadcast at 9pm, with 91% of voters picking ‘yes’.

The first series of the social media show was broadcast at 9pm, leaving viewers confused as to why it has been pushed behind an hour.

One account suggested: “Would #TheCircle work better on E4 at 9pm? Or have a ‘first look’ on E4 which is then repeated on Channel 4 at 10pm or 11pm?

“It’s clear that many people find 10pm too late to watch live. Celebs Go Dating had similar numbers in the 9pm slot on E4 as TC gets at 10pm on C4.”

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