The Circle: Viewers Are Divided Over ‘Villain’ Sammie/James As Game Heats Up Ahead Of Final

17 October 2019, 15:17

The Circle is heating up.
The Circle is heating up. Picture: channel 4

The Circle’s Sammie/James is the last remaining catfish of the series.

The Circle's final episode is on Friday night, and only one player can be crowned winner and bag the £100k cash prize.

Tim, Woody, Ella, Georgina, Paddy and ‘Sammie’ AKA James, who is the last remaining catfish, are the final six contestants but viewers are particularly divided over the latter.

What Is The Circle? Channel 4's 'Big Brother' Catfish Reality Show Hosted By Emma Willis

For those who don’t know, ’Sammie’ is actually a 26-year-old guy called James who is pretending to be a single mum-of-one.

On Wednesday night’s episode, ‘Sammie’ and Tim were forced to block one player from The Circle after they were both voted Influencers.

Leading up to the blocking, ‘Sammie’ had hatched a plan with ‘The Circle Of Trust’ - which is made up of him, Georgina and Paddy - to keep them all in the game and take out Ella.

But things got pretty heated between the pair when Tim refused to play ball and refused to block her, knowing it would upset Woody.

"This isn't the Woody show!" fumed Sammie/James.

Tim then admitted he was getting ‘very, very cross’ with her and questioned if he’d ‘made friends with a monster’.

The pair finally agreed to block Jan, but Sammie/James as far from happy and labelled Tim, ‘manipulative’.

Viewers at home took to Twitter to blast Sammie/James’ as a ‘hypocrite’, pointing out he is the manipulative one as he’s catfishing as a single mum.

One viewer wrote: “Does anyone find it scary that being so manipulative comes so easily to james/sammie? #TheCircle #sammiethesnake.”

Another added: “We’re seeing a very unpleasant side to James/Sammie it’s not nice to watch. So manipulative & aggressive feels like he’s lost touch with reality altogether #TheCircle.”

Others, however, praised him for ‘playing the game so well’, ’bringing some drama’ and making some great telly.

One viewer wrote: “The point of the circle is to win the game by being the most popular. how you do that is completely up to you. if everyone was genuine, not a catfish, and all nice to each other, the game would be incredibly boring. so thank u ‘sammie”’ for bringing some drama.”

Another added: “It's really frustrating seeing everyone s**t on people being tactical and trying to's a show...about winning...The only reason tim/ella/woody don't see a need to play is because they've been at the top so long and are comfortable. I'm team Sammie all the way.”

The Circle returns to Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

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