The Circle Viewers In ‘Hysterics’ As Tim Exposes Builder ‘Jay’ As A Catfish In Hilarious Chat About Roofs

3 October 2019, 12:58

The Circle is heating up!
The Circle is heating up! Picture: Channel 4

The Circle’s Tim has worked out builder ‘Jay’ is actually his mum, posing as him.

Not only is Tim popular with his fellow contestants in The Circle, he’s also a big hit with viewers, and they were left in ‘hysterics’ last night when he somehow managed to work out ‘Jay’ is a catfish.

For those who haven’t been watching the show (you are missing out!) builder ‘Jay’ is actually his mum, Katie. She’s been posing as him and seriously over using hashtags in an attempt to seem ‘down with the kids’.

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However, nothing gets past Tim and on Wednesday night’s episode, he decided to have some fun with ‘Jay’ who he has somehow cleverly worked out is not who he says he his.

The University Professor sparked up a conversation about roofs and gutters in an attempt to test his builder knowledge and when Katie became far too flustered and took ages to respond, Tim was left chuckling that his suspicions had been confirmed.

He then predicted Jay's mum was frantically flicking through a notebook to find the answer, which is exactly what was happening. Seriously, does Tim have a secret camera we don't know know about or something?!

Viewers rushed to Twitter to praise Tim over the ‘hilarious’ moment and branded him ‘the best player’.

One wrote: “Tim has sussed Jay out... that’s why he is a professor... and still the best player in the circle #TheCircle.”

Another added: “Tim absolutely destroying everything that Jay says is the best television I've seen in a long time.”

The Circle, which is narrated by Sophie Willan, continues tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm. There will then be a live show, presented by Emma Willis, on Friday night.

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