Meet The Cabins’ Sarah Hutchinson: 5 Facts Including Her Age, Tattoos And Instagram

6 January 2021, 16:50 | Updated: 6 January 2021, 16:57

Sarah Hutchinson is just one of the stars of ITV2’s The Cabins – get to know the model, including her age, where she's from and a closer look at all those tattoos, here.

The Cabins’ viewers will have seen a few of the contestants already getting along quite well, two of which are Charlotte and Sarah, who quickly fell for one another after meeting in their cosy countryside retreat.

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But who is Sarah and what do we know about the singleton looking for love? Here’s everything you need to know…

Sarah is looking for love on The Cabins
Sarah is looking for love on The Cabins. Picture: ITV2

How old is The Cabins star Sarah?

Sarah is 26 years old.

Despite being so young she said she’s been single “for a really long time.”

The Cabins: Sarah is an actress and model
The Cabins: Sarah is an actress and model. Picture: ITV2

Where is Sarah Hutchinson from?

The Cabins’ star Sarah is from Blackpool.

A lot of her Instagram location tags are in Chorley, which is just outside of Blackpool.

What is Sarah from The Cabins' job?

Sarah is a fitness model but has also worked as a waitress, actress and a personal trainer.

Before heading into The Cabins she said she’d been working as a murder mystery actress, explaining: “I die for a living… so that’s cool. I get paid for it with my murder mystery work. I always play the nasty one."

The Cabins: Sarah and Charlotte grew close in the first few days
The Cabins: Sarah and Charlotte grew close in the first few days. Picture: ITV2

What is Sarah from The Cabins’ Instagram account?

You can follow The Cabins star Sarah on Instagram @_sarahhhutchinson where she has 12k followers at the time of writing.

Her following will no doubt soar while The Cabins is on ITV2.

How many tattoos does Sarah have?

Sarah has too many tattoos to count! The model is inked on almost every body part but admitted she regrets some of the artwork.

She’s also had seven tattoos on her bum covered up as well and confessed to “a really bad one” on her foot.

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