The Boys' Chace Crawford Almost Had A "Panic Attack" Before Filming Octopus Sex Scene

10 July 2024, 12:45 | Updated: 10 July 2024, 16:47

The Boys&squot; Chace Crawford Almost Had A "Panic Attack" Before Filming Octopus Sex Scene
The Boys' Chace Crawford Almost Had A "Panic Attack" Before Filming Octopus Sex Scene. Picture: Travis P Ball/Getty Images for SXSW, Prime Video
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Chace Crawford says he had no idea what he was getting into when he originally signed up to play The Deep in The Boys.

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Chace Crawford has opened up about filming The Deep's sex scenes in The Boys and how the octopus scene affected him.

For a show with countless shocking moments, few actors have had more wild scenes in The Boys than Chace Crawford. Since the drama first came out, The Deep has done everything from eat a live octopus on screen to give Sister Sage a lobotomy. Nevertheless, it's his actual sex scene with an octopus that truly made an impression on viewers.

Now, Chace has revealed that he had no idea what he was signing up for when he originally auditioned to play The Deep.

The Boys season 4 trailer

Talking to Rolling Stone about the audition process, Chace said: "They sent me two scenes. One scene was a confrontation with Starlight that ended up changing in the first episode. And the second one wasn’t even in the script — it was just, like, the Deep in his therapist’s office going on this monologue about how lobsters are his only friends in the world."

However, once he signed on, Chace then found out what he was in for. He explained: "Once we started going, they added that [sexual blackmail] scene of me and Starlight at the beginning, which is a big change from what they had."

When asked if he would have reconsidered taking on the role, had he been aware that The Deep would end up having sex scenes with an octopus, Chase admitted: "Yeah, I would have. It’s so funny and brilliant now, but when that came up, I was like, “Oh God, how’s this going to work?”"

In 'Herogasm', Starlight walks in on The Deep having sex with an octopus. In the scene, we see an octopus covering The Deep's crotch as The Deep moans in pleasure. The camera then pans out to show The Deep is naked with the octopus' tentacles wrapped around his bum.

As for what filming the Octopus sex scene in the 'Herogasm' episode was actually like, Chase said: "I was in total denial about it. And then it got 24 hours out from the first day I had to shoot it and I almost had a panic attack."

The Deep's Octopus Love Interest Timothy In The Boys
The Deep's Octopus Love Interest Timothy In The Boys. Picture: Prime Video

Chace then explained that The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke helped ease his mind: "I called Kripke — he’s so great. He’s got a million things going on but his door’s always open. So I was worried about the scene. I’m like, “How are we gonna do this? What are the angles gonna be? How naked do I have to be?” He changed one shot for me. And it was great."

Chace also revealed that there wasn't an intimacy coordinator for the octopus scene: "We have one on set. But not with the octopus. They treated it like, “quiet everyone, clear out”,  a closed set. But yeah, just the act of picking up the octopus and getting a wet octopus in the bed was so funny and weird."

He ended by saying the response has been great: "I saw someone at the gym the other day and he was like, “I’m actually going to show you this.” And it was him in a Deep costume with a pink octopus wrapped around him at Comic-Con or something. Everyone loved it, man."

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