Stranger Things 5 theory explains how 008 will help Eleven defeat Vecna

8 July 2022, 18:42

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans are convinced Eddie's D&D campaign foreshadows exactly what will happen in season 5 with Eleven and Vecna.

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It's only been a week since Stranger Things 4 dropped and fans are already going into overdrive with their wild theories about what might happen in Stranger Things 5. (For all the confirmed details on the plot for season 5, head right here.)

So far, we've seen viewers go absolutely feral over the theory that suggests Eddie might somehow come back as Kas the Bloody Handed. Then there's the mind-blowing theory that Eleven's real dad could actually be 001/Henry Creel himself.

The most interesting Stranger Things 5 theory so far, though? How one specific scene in the first episode of season 4 could predict the return of Kali/008 and foreshadow the final battle between Eleven and Vecna. And it's all thanks to The Hellfire club.

Will Kali/008 come back in Stranger Things 5?

Stranger Things 5 theory: How Kali could help Eleven kill Vecna
Stranger Things 5 theory: How Kali could help Eleven kill Vecna. Picture: Netflix

Back in season 4, episode 1, The Hellfire Club face off against Vecna in Eddie's final D&D campaign and it falls to Dustin and Erica to take their final rolls of the dice and try to beat Vecna themselves.

Dustin rolls first, it lands on 11 and he loses. Fans immediately clocked the detail, theorising that 11 alone (a.k.a. Eleven, herself) would not be enough to beat Vecna in their first battle. Sure enough, that theory was proven to be true, as Mike explicitly confirms Eleven lost the fight against Vecna in a conversation with Will in episode 9.

But the theory doesn't end there. In fact, it's now possible that the campaign's apparent foreshadowing might now spill over into season 5.

Erica had the final roll of the campaign, and managed to defeat Vecna with a critical hit by rolling a 20... Here's what fans think that means for Eleven, and the possible return of Kali/008.

Stranger Things 5: Does the Hellfire Club D&D campaign predict how Vecna will be defeated?
Stranger Things 5: Does the Hellfire Club D&D campaign predict how Vecna will be defeated? Picture: Netflix

For those who have no idea who the hell Kali is, here's a very brief explainer: Kali/008/Eight was a Hawkins Lab kid, who escaped at some point before 001/Henry's massacre. She plays a key role in Eleven's season 2 storyline, but we haven't seen her since. The Duffer brothers, however, did previously confirm that they were not quite done with her story...

Anyway, Erica's winning roll of 20. What does that have to do with Kali?

Kali is the only lab child who does not have the same telekinetic powers as Eleven. Kali possesses mind manipulation powers and is able to create powerful hallucinations and visions. Together, their powers combined are the exact powers of 001/Henry.

Fans are now theorising that the powers of both 011 and 008, who have the combined power of 001, is what is needed to finally match and defeat Vecna.

To put it simply, 011 + 008 + [with the combined power of] 001 = 020, a.k.a. Erica's critical hit.

What do you think? Could Kali return to help Eleven in the final fight? Guess we'll see you lot back here in two years to see if this theory comes true...

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