This DIY Riverdale Inspired Bedroom Is Every Fan's Dream Come True

9 October 2018, 17:32

You can make a DIY Riverdale bedroom with this YouTube tutorial
You can make a DIY Riverdale bedroom with this YouTube tutorial. Picture: Instagram

This Riverdale inspired DIY bedroom project has got us even more excited for season 3 than we were, and now you can re-create the exact props from Jughead and Betty Cooper's favourite hang-out.

As we wait on the edge of our seats for season 3 of Riverdale to kick off, this YouTube tutorial will show you how to create everything you need to transform your bedroom into a mini set of the show, everything from a LED Riverdale sign, just like the one that hangs in the famous diner, to a Southside Serpent cushion and a strawberry milkshake lamp.

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DIY RIVERDALE Room Decor 2017! Dorky Decor

Dorky Decor is a YouTube channel that focuses on DIY projects, and they recently turned their efforts into creating what can only be described as any Riverdale fans' ultimate dream, and let's be totally honest, you'll also have the most Insta-worthy bedroom of all time in the process, which is what really matters.

The best thing is they take you through every step of the different creation processes, so even the less artsy amongst us can join in- we're already buzzing to watch the darkness that promises to be season 3 sat in our very own South Side serprent's bed.

We've already had so many teasers from the cast and crew, with the most recent revelation being that we're finally going to get to meet Jughead's mum and sister Jellybean, and we cannot wait for whatever drama they have in store!

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