Riverdale Series 3: Everything You Need To Know About Jughead's Mum & Sister

9 October 2018, 17:03

We'll meet Jughead Jones' mum on series 3 of Riverdale
We'll meet Jughead Jones' mum on series 3 of Riverdale. Picture: Getty/Riverdale

We've been waiting for Riverdale series 3 for what feels like a lifetime, but as the release date has finally arrived, we need to look at some of the biggest revelations coming our way, namely, Jughead's mum and sister coming to town!

As Riverdale series 3 finally arrives onto our TV screens, we are, of course in for a whole host of twists and shockers, but one thing we're seriously excited about is the arrival of Jughead Jones' mum, Gladys Jones, played by well-known actress Gina Gershon, who also recently starred in another Netflix series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Jughead's sister, Jellybean 'JB' Jones will be played by Trinity Likins, who is still a relatively unknown actress (until now, that is) and her Instagram followers have already soared with the announcement of her joining the cast.

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The announcement came from the cast and crew at New York Comic Con, who also said his sister, Jellybean, will also be in tow, and they told us when we can hold our breath until, saying they'll debut on the show during the Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Jellybean will be played by

We know what you're thinking- that's pretty close to Christmas, but considering how dark this latest series looks, we wouldn't expect them huddled around the fire together handing out gifts anytime soon.

Considering Jughead's mum and sister skipped town ages ago and he's been in contact with them throughout the show, we can expect some serious drama to go down, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

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