‘Normal People’ Star Daisy Edgar-Jones Feared She’d Receive Backlash Over Sex Scenes

27 May 2020, 15:46

Daisy Edgar-Jones worried she'd 'get a lot of flack' over the scenes.
Daisy Edgar-Jones worried she'd 'get a lot of flack' over the scenes. Picture: BBC THREE/HULA

Daisy Edgar-Jones has admitted she was worried about how sex scenes in 'Normal People' would be received.

Normal People star Daisy Edgar-Jones says she feared she would receive a backlash over sex scenes in the show.

The 21-year-old, who is dating Game of Thrones actor Tom Varey, portrays Marianne in the TV adaption of Sally Rooney’s 2018 novel with the same name and appears naked in several intimate scenes.

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She revealed during a chat on the How to Fail podcast that she received a 'few nasty comments' on social media before the show had even aired which left her worrying that she would 'get a lot of flack'.

She said: "I remember just before the show aired, I had a few nasty comments on my Instagram because it was talked about a lot in the press that there was quite a lot of 'raunchy' scenes.

"And I remember seeing those comments and thinking, 'gosh am I going to get a lot of flack for the scenes and for having nudity?' but since the show has come out, I've had nothing and I think it's because those scenes are done so beautifully."

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In fact, she said those scenes are what she's 'most proud of about the whole series'.

She added: "I think that's one of the things I'm most proud of about the whole series - that aspect of equality between Paul and I, and the representation of intimacy between Marianne and Connell."

The show has been widely praised for its ‘honest, ‘consensual,’ and 'important' sex scenes.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: "That first sex scene in #NormalPeople, is so poignant. So full of respect, tenderness and mutual trust. And fun."

Another added: "The sex scene in Normal People is honestly one of the best representations of first time sex I’ve seen, it’s so authentic and brilliant AND IMPORTANT with portraying consent!

"It shows it doesn’t ruin the mood and actually, makes people feel more safe and then they enjoy it more!"

Normal People is available to watch now on BBC Iplayer.

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