Netflix Have Released The First You Season 2 Behind The Scenes Pictures & We Are SO Ready For It

19 February 2019, 16:08

Netflix have teased You season 2
Netflix have teased You season 2. Picture: Twitter

Joe Goldberg is back with a new object of his obsession… and we are so ready to be creeped out by You Season 2.

We’ve still got shivers down our spines from the first season of Netflix’s You, but the cast are already working on season 2 – and have shared the first behind the scenes photos.

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Netflix took to Twitter to tell fans, “ok the You season 2 table read is happening and I don't think any of us are ready”.

They shared two behind the scenes photos from the table read showing Penn Badgley reprising his role as creepy, creepy Joe Goldberg but there’s a new object of his obsessions (well, you know why that is if you watched season one…).

Victoria Pedretti – who starred in the Haunting Of Hill House – will take on the role of Love Quinn, the latest lady to catch the eye of super stalker Joe.

The photos also reveal that Joe’s ex, Candace, will have a bigger role in the next series after she was revealed to still be alive at the end of the last season.

This was a twist that differed from the book version of the story, as Joe killed his ex in the written version but she was kept alive to move the story on for the Netflix series.

Though there’s no date for when the second series will be released, we’re already mentally preparing for what horrors undoubtedly await.

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