Is Riverdale Leaving Netflix? Fans Concerned After There Was No Episode Released Last Week

18 February 2019, 12:26

Will Riverdale be removed from Netflix?
Will Riverdale be removed from Netflix? Picture: Netflix

The CW have revealed plans to stream their shows on another platform, so does this mean Riverdale could be leaving Netflix?

There could be bad news on the horizon for Riverdale fans – the future of the show being streamed on Netflix could be in jeopardy after WarnerMedia announced that they may be moving the show to their own streaming platform.

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Riverdale is created by The CW network, but at present Netflix is the only service people without access to The CW can watch the show.

The new plans could mean Riverdale moves over to the WarnerMedia streaming platform, though there is currently no release date for when it will go live, though it could be as soon as Spring 2019.

The news comes after WarnerMedia chief creative officer Kevin Reilly told the Television Critics Association, “We’re very interested in putting that [Riverdale] on our platform”, with their Netflix deal due to expire in Spring.

It’s not clear what this would mean for UK viewers as it may well remain on Netflix over here as there’s been no confirmation whether their streaming service will be US-only or worldwide.

Fans were also left questioning where last week’s episode was, after the mid-season break meant that fans were left without their Riverdale fix.

The net episode won’t air until February 27th, two weeks after the last, which led fans to complain about the frequent breaks in the series.

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