Are MAFS Australia Couple Cassandra And Tristan Still Together Now?

5 March 2024, 12:09

The experts paired Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black together in MAFS Australia.
MAFS experts have paired Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black together. Picture: Channel Nine

By Tiasha Debray

MAFS couple Cassandra and Tristan immediately won the hearts of the UK as two of the most wholesome contestants but are they still together now? Or have they split? Here's what we know.

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Married At First Sight Australia 2024 welcomed bride Cassandra Allen and groom Tristan Black with the experts believing their happy personalities and calming natures would make for a happily ever after - so are Cassandra and Tristan still together?

When meeting Cassandra, she had us all shedding a tear on her wedding day as her back story was one of the most emotional we've heard on the series ever. From the tragic passing of her mother to cancer in 2020 and the gut wrenching passing of her first love and high-school sweetheart at an even earlier age, the 29 year old is finally ready to love again.

The Married At First Sight contestant didn't care about looks, all she wanted was a man with a warm heart and big smile and the experts Alessandra Rampolla, John Aiken and Mel Schilling, delivered.

Pairing her up with the goofy, yet sweet Tristan, the two have to be the loveliest, most smiley couple to ever grace our screens. But just because they’re perfect for one another on paper, doesn’t necessarily mean it translates in reality.

So the question remains - are Cassandra and Tristan still together after the show? Here's what we know.

WARNING: Major show spoilers ahead!

MAFS' Cassandra on her wedding day with Tristan Black
MAFS' Cassandra asked for a man with a warm heart and big smile. Picture: Channel Nine

Are MAFS Australia couple Cassandra and Tristan still together?

At this point in time, it doesn’t look like Cassandra and Tristan are together, but we caveat that by noting that MAFS 2024 is still running in Australia, so nothing has been confirmed.

But taking a look at their Instagram accounts, neither contestant followers the other, which isn’t exactly the most positive sign in the world that they’ve managed to make things work on the outside.

That being said, their social media accounts are still being managed by the broadcasting platform’s teams, so as far as we’re concerned, nothing on their social media right now is going to reveal anything that will spoil the show.

MAFS' Tristan and Cassandra’s wedding day left fans hopeful that love was blossoming
MAFS' Tristan and Cassandra’s wedding day left fans hopeful that love was blossoming. Picture: Channel Nine

However Australian gossip podcast So! Dramatic also got intel that apparently the couple are not together anymore.

Reportedly, the reason for their break up was because there was no spark between them, especially from Tristan’s side.

“Tristan wasn’t feeling a connection with Cass from the start and he was really down on himself because of it,” the podcast’s sources said.

“He was like: ‘I know she’s this amazing person on paper. She’s everything anyone would ever want, she’s beautiful, but I just don’t feel anything for her in a romantic way.’”

“Tristan was honest about it with her and wrote leave several times,” they explained.

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We’re sorry to break the bad news to those of you that were hoping for Cassandra to have her happy ending with Tristan. Unfortunately another Australian publication, PerthNow reported a similar story.

“The real issue was there was no chemical spark between them,” the publication’s source revealed, “Tristan was never into Cass, Cass was never into Tristan.”

If this is true then we’re in for a heartbreaking few weeks on Married At First Sight Australia, because Tristan and Cassandra’s wedding day left all of us feeling so hopeful, especially when the episode ended with him saying "I'm glad I got matched with someone like her."

But the heart wants what it wants and despite Cassandra’s gorgeous face, brave soul and sunny disposition, we can’t expect Tristan to force himself to love anyone.

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