Kissing Booth 3: Will Netflix Film Be Released On Valentine's Day 2021?

12 February 2021, 10:13 | Updated: 13 February 2021, 10:20

'The Kissing Booth 3' could be released on Valentine's Day
'The Kissing Booth 3' could be released on Valentine's Day. Picture: The Kissing Booth/Netflix

The Kissing Booth 3 has been confirmed by Netflix to have a 2021 release, so is there any chance we could get the rom-com on Valentine's Day?

The Kissing Booth 3 has officially been given a 2021 release date Netflix much to the joy of fans around the world who are desperate to know when it will be dropped.

But is there any weight to the speculation the third instalment could be released on Valentine's Day?

Here are all clues and theories about the next Kissing Booth movie being dropped on the most romantic day of the year...

Joey King Calls Out Kissing Booth Co-Star Jacob Elordi For Saying He 'Hasn't Seen' Netflix Sequel

A sneak peek into The Kissing Booth 3 on Netflix

Kissing Booth 3 Valentine's release date rumours

We now know both the second and third movies were filmed at the same time, with number 2 landing on Netflix in July 2020.

Naturally, sights are set on the final instalment knowing it has already wrapped and no production hold ups could push a potential release date.

Yup, savvy producers managed to shoot both the second and third films at the same time, which, considering delays caused by COVID-19 pandemic to so many other shows and films, turned out to be a pretty good idea!

So, a February 14th release date would be a seven month gap between instalments, which is considerably smaller than the two year gap between the first and second.

But the appetite for these films amongst fans is HUGE!

TKB also announced it was getting a sequel on Valentine's Day in 2019... so, they're totally on board with this vibe!

However- the streaming site is known for putting its content calendar out to the world and doesn't usually do 'surprise' releases.

So, it isn't likely we will get the film in February but later in the year, but our single selves can dream, right?!

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Kissing Booth 3 cast details

Seeing as both the second and third instalments were shot at the same time, we can't see any radically changing cast on the landscape, with Joey King (Elle Evans) and Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn) keeping on their leading roles and Taylor Zakhar Perez settling into a more permanent role!

Filming took place both in LA and Cape Town, South Africa, with such a far away location most likely playing a part in why bosses decided to shoot both films at the same time, for practicality!

There was recently some mild drama between exes and co-stars Joey and Jacob, when the latter revealed in an interview with Variety he hadn't watched the second film.

Joey took to Twitter to call out Jacob for 'lying' only to quickly delete the tweet, which left fans in a flurry trying to work out if there was beef between the stars.

However, as the third film is already in the bag- there's no fear of a rift putting the franchise at risk, phew!

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