Bridgerton Fans All Have The Same Issue With The Season 2 Finale

7 April 2022, 17:51

Here's what the fans had to say...
Here's what the fans had to say... Picture: Netflix
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Fans are all saying the same thing about the ending to Anthony and Kate's love story in the season two finale of Bridgerton – here's how they wish the series wrapped up...

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Fans binged through the second series of Bridgerton in record time – making it the most-watched English-language TV title in Netflix's history – but not everyone was satisfied with the finale.

The long-awaited follow-up season dropped on March 25, many pointed out their surprise at Bridgerton's drastic decrease in sex scenes and now audiences have another complaint in common – this time regarding the eighth and final episode.

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Fans had been with Anthony and Kate every step of the way as they embarked on their turbulent love affair, as the story got tied up in a neat bow, viewers took to social media to point out a relationship milestone that was committed on the show.

Be warned, season two spoilers are ahead!

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Bridgerton's hotly-anticipated second season arrived to Netflix on March 25
Bridgerton's hotly-anticipated second season arrived to Netflix on March 25. Picture: Netflix

Everybody wanted to know if Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma would end up together – and they did!

After the endless string of near kisses and lingering looks, the two soulmates that the second season centred around finally made a go of things!

At the end of the finale, the story jumps to six months in the future, showing the Viscount and Viscountess enjoying their wedded bliss on the Bridgerton estate with all the family.

However, fans did not get to witness the actual moment that the couple tied the knot – much to their frustration after all the suspense that was built up throughout the eight episodes.

One scene that has been filling a hole in our hearts is the dream sequence that shows 'Kanthony' standing at the alter. A Twitter user posted this clip with the caption: "Manifesting we get a flashback of their wedding in season 3 because we were robbed."

Social media has been flooded with fan edits depicting the nuptials that we never got to see. Another viewer wrote: "The wedding we deserved."

One heartbroken viewer tweeted, "Bridgerton S2 legit denied us a wedding [sic]", whereas another posted, "I don't like the ending. I want their wedding".

What do you think? Will we get more wedding scenes in Bridgerton season three? We hope so.

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