Who Plays Anthony Bridgerton? Actor Jonathan Bailey's Age, Partner And Other TV Roles Revealed

5 April 2022, 11:55

Anthony Bridgerton is played by actor Jonathan Bailey
Anthony Bridgerton is played by actor Jonathan Bailey. Picture: Netflix

By Zoe Adams

Jonathan Bailey who plays Bridgerton season 2 hunk Anthony Bridgerton is all we can talk about this series, so here are all his best facts including his height, sexuality and exactly where you've seen him before.

Bridgerton season 2 is finally back on Netflix and this time the series is all about Anthony Bridgerton, played by actor Jonathan Bailey.

Replacing season one hunk the Duke of Hastings, who sadly won't be returning as Simon, we'll see the Bridgerton family's first born on his quest to find a suitable wife.

So who is the actor who plays Anthony Bridgerton? And what do we need to know about Jonathan Bailey who plays him?

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Here are all the facts you need to know including his age, height, sexuality, partner and all the other important details:

Anthony Bridgerton is this seasons main man as he looks for a suitable wife
Anthony Bridgerton is this seasons main man as he looks for a suitable wife. Picture: Netflix

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How old is Anthony Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey?

Jonathan is currently 33 years old but is soon to turn another year older on April 25. He was born in 1988 and his star sign is a Taurus.

Where have you seen Jonathan Bailey before?

Jonathan has made himself famous with his role of protective big brother Anthony Bridgerton, but he's also had plenty of other acting roles to celebrate.

A few you might remember include Netflix's Crashing and TV series Broadchurch.

He has also been in plenty of stage productions, most recently playing Jamie in the West End.

How tall is Jonathan Bailey?

We always love to know just how tall someone is, right? Well, incase you were wondering about Jonathan, he is around 5ft 11 inches, which is roughly 1.80m tall.

Jonathan Bailey has had numerous roles in TV and movies as well as on stage
Jonathan Bailey has had numerous roles in TV and movies as well as on stage. Picture: Jonathan Bailey/Instagram

Where is Jonathan Bailey from?

A proud English actor, the 33 year old was born in Wallingford, Oxfordshire. It's unknown where he is living now.

What is Jonathan Bailey's sexuality and does he have a partner?

The Anthony Bridgerton actor has been very open about his sexuality as he shares his experiences on being gay.

In an interview, he discussed gay actors and said: "I think it shouldn't matter at all what character people play, but of course there is a narrative that's very clear, that openly gay men aren't playing straight in leading roles.

"A lot of straight men have gone on to play iconic gay roles and to be lauded for that is fantastic. But wouldn't it be brilliant to see gay men play their own experience?"

It's unclear whether he has a partner though as he keeps that part of his life to himself.

Does Jonathan Bailey have an Instagram account?

Of course! The Netflix star can be found sharing all of his life adventures and work @jbayleaf.

We imagine this account is about to get a LOT of love as he plays out Anthony Bridgerton's story.

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