Tom Felton Planning Harry Potter Cast Reunion In November

19 October 2020, 17:22

The cast of Harry Potter are hoping to reunite in November
The cast of Harry Potter are hoping to reunite in November. Picture: Getty

Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton is hoping to reunite with his Harry Potter castmates in November to mark the anniversary of the film franchise.

In news that will make you feel really old, the first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, will be 19 years old in November.

To mark the occasion, Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton is planning one big (digital) reunion with all the cast for a proper celebration.

Tom Felton Posts Cute Throwback With Harry Potter Co-Stars Emma Watson And Daniel Radcliffe

Tom, 33, is hoping to include Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger, and of course Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley.

Tom Felton is organising a Harry Potter cast reunion
Tom Felton is organising a Harry Potter cast reunion. Picture: Getty

The Harry Potter cast have all stayed in touch over the years and Tom still shares throwbacks from their days of filming on social media.

He also plays golf with the Weasley twins (Oliver and James Phelps).

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about a potential virtual reunion, Tom said: “[I'm] always chatting with a lot of the other guys on WhatsApp and staying in touch with them and making sure everything's alright.

"It's been nice because it's the 19th-year anniversary on November 14, so I'm planning some sort of digital celebration ... I'm trying to wrangle all the oldies back together again to celebrate the achievement really.”

Tom also recently caught up with fellow diehard Harry Potter fan Liam Payne on a TikTok live, where the One Direction star proudly showed off a picture of the Hagrid Hut replica he had built in his garden.

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