This TikTok Star Has Mastered The Ultimate Hangover Cure

21 January 2022, 16:42

The ultimate hangover cure has made its way onto TikTok
The ultimate hangover cure has made its way onto TikTok. Picture: @saltandsagenutrition/TikTok/Getty
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TikTok users are all loving this new hangover cure after a dietician's video went viral on the social media platform!

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What better place to come across a new hangover cure than TikTok?

Dietician and content creator, @saltandsagenutrition, has shared her secrets with over 200K followers on the platform – and we're all taking note!

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Jump on the bandwagon and find out how to make 'Recovery Lemonade' using just four ingredients...

The influencer said: "I wanted to show you guys what I make when I'm trying to feel better about myself if I had, like, a really tough weekend."

The TikTok video has received over 3 million views
The TikTok video has received over 3 million views. Picture: @saltandsagenutrition/TikTok

Salt and Sage Nutrition – who also goes by Monica D'Agostino – is a dietician from New York who posts lifestyle and wellbeing content.

She shared a video giving a tutorial on her personal 'Recovery Lemonade' recipe, a drink she concocted to help deal with those lingering hangovers.

Monica told her followers that hydration is key, crediting her ability to bounce back after a heavy night to the unique drink.

The post-booze elixir is simply made up of water, lemon juice, ginger, and turmeric – easy enough, right?

She candidly began her video: "I'm a dietician who lives in New York and likes to go out every weekend. I know a lot of dieticians on this app like to pretend that they're always eating fruits and vegetables but nobody does that, it's not realistic."

Monica told her followers that measurements don't have to be exact, but the rough guide is; 1.5 pints of water, 3 tablespoons of lemon juice, and 3 tablespoons of ginger paste (or fresh).

The dietician opted to finish the drink off with turmeric sweetener, in order to "help with some of that inflammation from the weekend".

The viral clip has been seen over a whopping 3.5 million times, with many in the comments thanking the creator.

One follower wrote: "I’ve never trusted anyone more in my life."

Another commented: "I made this for my bf this week and now he’s been requesting it everyday [sic]."

So what are your thoughts? Will you be trying the 'Recovery Lemonde' on your next Sunday hangover?

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