TikTok Girls Dancing To Voicemails From Their Toxic Exes Is Seriously Funny And Empowering

22 October 2019, 15:47

TikTok girls have started an empowering trend.
TikTok girls have started an empowering trend. Picture: TikTok

TikTok’s latest trend has taken over the internet and empowered girls in toxic relationships.

TikTok girls have united to start a trend of dancing to voice messages from their toxic ex-boyfriends’ rants.

Speaking to a publication, Isabella - @trapmoneybella – who started the trend, said she was going through old voicemails to make space on her phone when she came across the voice message.

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She said: “It had really bothered me [to hear the message] at the time, but at this point it was just funny.”

The video, which received 388,000 likes, allowed her to gain 20,000 followers and she has since been tagged in numerous videos of other girls dancing to their exes’ voicemails.

Opening up about her toxic relationship, she said she had been in a similar one previously and noticed ‘there was no point in trying to make it work’, revealing: “He tended to get angry and lash out sometimes at people. It wasn’t super often, but after a while he started to act that way towards me.

“If I were to not answer him for a long time or was doing something else he’d get irritated.”

Another user who was inspired by the viral trend was Tenley - @tenleyearles, who described Isabell’s interpretive dance hilarious and ‘really empowering’.

After receiving over 688,000 likes, it was also widely shared on Twitter and Instagram.

She explained the voice message came from an argument with her ex she had secretly recorded about what she had been wearing.

She said: “It was really hard listening to it the first few times, even now,” admitting: “I was able to laugh at myself and at him,” months after they split up.

Both girls have been praised by an array of girls in similarly abusive relationships, after receiving comments from supporters.

One wrote on Tenley’s page: “I was in an abusive relationship for 2 years and this man would straight-up DRESS CODE ME AND I LET HIM. Glad we’re both out.”

“Why [does] this sound exactly like the voice memos my ex send[s] me?,” read one comment on Isabella’s video.

Tenley revealed she is planning a video outlining the ‘red flags’ she saw in her past relationship, to add awareness for girls who are stuck in those situations.

A film critic, K. Austin Collins, tweeted his approval for the string of viral videos, describing the trend as: “Your sons are truly out of their f**king minds, but your daughters are honestly funny as hell.”

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