Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Will Be Living In Luxury At Coachella 2024

11 April 2024, 16:54

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to attend Coachella 2024
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to attend Coachella 2024. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be attending Coachella 2024 in support of Lana Del Rey who will be performing. Their residence is a jaw-dropping club in California.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have reportedly planned to hit up Coachella 2024, supposedly in support of Lana Del Rey, a close friend of the singers, but does anyone really need an excuse to go to Coachella?

Taylor has been on a two-month break from her World Eras Tour and with Lana performing on Friday, we can assume the power couple have planned to enjoy the whole weekend of festivities in California.

According to the Daily Mail, the place Taylor and Travis have chosen to reside over the weekend is the insanely exclusive The Madison Club located in La Quinta California.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be staying at The Madison Club during their time at Coachella
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be staying at The Madison Club during their time at Coachella. Picture: Getty

The Madison Club is a quick 30-minute drive to and from Coachella Valley, where the music festival is held every year, and is very very very exclusive.

It’s a members-only club and to get a membership is no easy task. It’ll be a perfect place for high-profile guests like Taylor and Travis to be able to relax and not have to worry about being crowded by fans.

With the club’s proximity to the festival, we can’t help but wonder which other celebrities will choose to stay there for the weekend.

According to the publication’s source, “[The couple] want privacy so The Madison Club is perfect for them because not just anyone can stay there. They don't want a ton of eyes on them, they want to be able to let their guard down and be comfortable.”

But there’s another reason why the club is perfect for the pair… well specifically for Travis. The Madison Club hosts a “world-class Tom Fazio-designed golf course,” according to their website.

And apparently, Travis is a huge fan of golf and will enjoy playing there, “He loves to golf in the desert,” said a source. “And The Madison Club is a great place to do just that.”

Golf may not be Taylor’s thing but we can expect a club like this to cater to her needs too, the club's website boasts “There is a day spa and fitness facility complete with a recreational and lifestyle wellness team.”

Not only that but it also has a number of swimming pools, a mini market, a quality restaurant, a sushi bar and a cocktail bar just to name a few of its amenities.

We’ll be surprised if Travis and Taylor find the willpower to leave this place and actually attend the festival.

According to the site, “The Madison Club is a tranquil sanctuary, offering sophisticated dining, and modern fitness and wellness programs. Escape to the spa and revive with a regimen of wellness treatments against a striking backdrop of the surrounding mountain ranges.”

Despite all this fancy schmancy stuff in the club, it seems like Taylor’s got a jam-packed weekend planned with Lana who hits the stage at 11.20 on Friday.

Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey are close friends in real life
Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey are close friends in real life. Picture: Getty

According to the same source, “Taylor and Lana had dinner this week to talk about their time at Coachella, and what they will be doing and wearing.”

“So they already have it all planned. They want to have fun and really enjoy themselves while in the desert and make it stress-free. Coachella can get stressful because of the crowds and all the events, but they want to be more chill.”

According to this source, in terms of fashion, the girls plan to “capture the vibe of Coachella,” with some “hippie chic with an artist flair for fun.” If Taylor just channels the aesthetics of her ‘Folklore’ album, she’s going to do just fine.

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