Taylor Swift Shares Original Voice Note And Lyrics Of ‘Cardigan’ When She Began Writing 'Folklore' In April

29 July 2020, 17:29

Taylor Swift wrote 'Folklore' while in quarantine
Taylor Swift wrote 'Folklore' while in quarantine. Picture: PA / Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift started writing the lyrics to new song ‘Cardigan’ in April, and she’s now showing fans a closer look at the process.

Back when Taylor Swift told her Instagram followers there wasn’t “a lot going on at the moment” at the start of lockdown, she was in fact beginning to write her new album, ‘Folklore’.

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Taylor is one of a few fellow pop stars happy to show fans the intricate process behind how she makes her music and she’s now shared on Twitter the very first lyrics of ‘Cardigan’ she sent to songwriter Aaron Dessner on 27 April – cheekily, the same day she told fans she wasn’t up to much!

Taylor Swift captioned this selfie taken on 27 April 'not a lot going on at the moment'
Taylor Swift captioned this selfie taken on 27 April 'not a lot going on at the moment'. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Retweeting Aaron’s screenshot of their 2am text exchange to her 86.6 million followers, the pop star originally sent a voice note with different lyrics to the version she released.

“Oh my god I’m already writing over one of them,” she first text Aaron after her ‘Folklore’ ideas began flooding her mind.

“This is so exciting I’m freaking out,” she added.

After Aaron replied with a smiley emoji Taylor continued to bombard him with lyrics, as well as a voice memo titled ‘New Recording.’

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Taylor Swift surprised fans with the release of 'Folklore'
Taylor Swift surprised fans with the release of 'Folklore'. Picture: Getty

“An idea! Sending lyrics,” she added, following it up with a few verses of what has now become a huge single from the album.

Taylor is now releasing the song and its voice memo as a special edition vinyl and CD through her merchandise website and iTunes.

It’s also since emerged that the day Taylor was writing the fairytale-inspired lyrics, she told fans she had, “not a lot going on at the moment.”

At the time, Swifities thought it was actually an Easter egg she had more content underway from her ‘Lover’ album, but nothing emerged.

It wasn’t until three months later that Taylor dropped ‘Folklore’ on 24 July with just a few hours’ notice.

Alongside ‘Cardigan’, Taylor has also launched an actual cardigan for fans to get their hands on, which she’s already sent to celebrity friends including Jonathan Van Ness, Selena Gomez and bestie Abigail Anderson.

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