Stormzy Surprises Teenager By Decorating His Bedroom

9 July 2020, 11:14

Stormzy made a teenage student’s day when he returned home to find the rapper decorating his bedroom.

Stormzy continues to bring the good news headlines, this time bringing the positivity into one huge fan’s very home to paint his room.

In a BBC video, the rapper returned to the area he grew up in in Croydon to help paint 15-year-old Ishae’s bedroom.

Stormzy To Donate £10 Million Over 10 Years To Black Organisations

Fellow music creator Ishae was speechless when it was Stormzy who greeted him at the front door, admitting he was “shocked” to see the star in his home.

Stormzy decorated a fan's bedroom as part of a 'give back' scheme
Stormzy decorated a fan's bedroom as part of a 'give back' scheme. Picture: PA

Stormzy was helping out with a “give back” scheme run by decorating company The Good Guys.

Ishae was selected as part of the scheme for his “positive behaviour” in school, with his mum telling the camera: “It means a lot because he’s a brilliant boy.”

While helping out, Stormzy spoke about his recent appearance at the protests in London for Black Lives Matter.

He said: “I haven’t been going [to the protests] to grab the mic, I’m just happy everyone is here. I don’t have any answers, a lot of people don’t have answers, but we’re all trying, we’re standing together and cheering."

The 'Heavy is the Head' rapper continued: “One thing I really want this movement to do is show what it means to be black. You hear so much rhetoric of ‘why do black lives matter more?’ If we weren’t oppressed we wouldn’t be shouting.

“This is a real pain, this isn’t a trend, it’s real life and this has been our reality for hundreds and thousands of years.”

Stormzy also addressed why he came off social media, after deleting Instagram and Twitter in March.

Admitting he found it a “toxic and negative place” despite its many positives, Stormzy said he deleted the apps to “protect the mental.”

Despite feeling like he “ruined” the painting of Ishae’s bedroom, Cyle at Good Guys said he’d hire the rapper “because he can reach the tall spots.”

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