Shawn Mendes Lost The Ability To Sing & Almost Quit Music In 2020

10 December 2020, 10:46

Shawn Mendes admits he almost quit music in 2020
Shawn Mendes admits he almost quit music in 2020. Picture: Instagram @shawnmendes/ Getty Images

Shawn Mendes has opened up about crippling anxiety stopping his ability to sing and almost giving up music entirely after falling out of love with the industry.

Shawn Mendes has revealed he lost the ability to the sing due to crippling anxiety and almost quit music after falling out of love with the industry in a candid interview with the Guardian.

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The 22-year-old 'Wonder' singer spoke about his desperation to be the 'biggest pop star in the world' from the age of 15, to reassessing what is important to him in life, citing love and family as playing a much bigger role in 2020.

Shawn admitted earlier in the year he lost the ability to sing altogether, saying: "I had a moment at the end of January when my body would not allow me to sing."

"I physically couldn’t sing because of my anxiety to have a successful album."

"The fear strangled me and literally stopped me being able to sing."

"It was a month before I felt like I was taking the first step. I really fell down."

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This isn't the first time Shawn has opened up about his debilitating anxiety, opening up to the world in his 2018 track 'In My Blood' where he sang:

"Help me, it's like the walls are caving in/ Sometimes I feel like giving up/ No medicine is strong enough/ Someone help me/ I'm crawling in my skin."

Elsewhere in the interview, the Canadian pop star spoke about letting go of his deep rooted need for everyone to like his music, saying girlfriend, Camila Cabello helped him understand that will never be a possibility.

He said: "All of that praise and all that success was turning into a big monster that was eating my self-confidence because, if anybody said they didn’t like my music, all of a sudden I felt I was worth nothing."

Shawn created and released his fourth album, 'Wonder' in December 2020- and having heard what difficult journey he had getting to that point, we're even more grateful to have the record in our lives'!

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