WATCH: Sarah Harding FORGETS The Routine To This Girls Aloud Hit On Celebrity Big Brother

23 August 2017, 16:20 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Sarah Harding Performs 'Sound Of The Underground' | Celebrity Big Brother


It’s not like it was their first big hit or anything…

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 has pretty much become the Sarah Harding Show, and she regaled the rest of her housemates with a performance of her very first hit, ‘Sound Of The Underground’… but managed to forget the routine!

Fans Can Not Deal With CBB’s Sarah Harding Dropping A Dizzee Rascal Lyric Mid-Argument

When Girls Aloud’s debut song, ‘Sound Of The Underground’ started playing through the house’s sound system, Sarah jumped up to do the routine with the help of a broom.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t quite remember the routine… which viewers found hilarious.

We’d understand her forgetting the words or moves if it was any other single, but ‘Sound Of The Underground’ was the band’s first number one hit so it’s kind of a big deal!

The song was played to try and get Sarah out of bed as she told Chad Johnson, “They’re doing this to get me out of bed but it won't work. This is my song! Our number one hit single!”

It’s not the first time viewers have found Sarah hilarious – they also lost their chill when she dropped a Dizzee Rascal lyric in a recent argument… 

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