WATCH: Remembering One Direction's 'Midnight Memories' Was Originally Called 'I Love KFC'

18 August 2020, 12:10

One Direction's original version of 'Midnight Memories' was 'I Love KFC'
One Direction's original version of 'Midnight Memories' was 'I Love KFC'. Picture: TikTok/ One Direction 'This Is Us'

Liam Payne has revealed Midnight Memories was meant to be called 'I Love KFC' and told the hilarious story behind the iconic song

A Tiktok user has resurfaced the hilarious story behind One Direction's 'Midnight Memories', with Liam Payne revealing it was originally called 'I Love KFC', along with the audio of Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall going off in the studio bringing back serious memories!

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User loueh_you_idehot brought back the clip that reveals the true chaos of the boys when they were altogether in the studio, captioned: "The fact that 'Midnight Memories' was first written on KFC still amazes me."

Their clip was taken from 2013 documentary 'This Is Us', which saw the boys talk about some of their best memories in the band, with Liam revealing a seriously funny recording session where they came up with the chorus tune for title track of their third studio album, 'Midnight Memories'.

The boys have also spoken about creating the entire tune around their shared love for fried chicken in an old interview, coming up with the catchy chorus with lyrics together as they howled with laughter.

Lyrics include: "I Love KFC....chicken, chicken chicken" which were obviously later changed- not that the boys really wanted them to!

Fans even joke they'd have very much still listened to the song, and we believe them!

If you want to hear the full, chaotic, original audio then here it is below, reminding us every day how hilarious these guys were as a band.

Whoever said the songwriting process had to be a serious one?!

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