One Direction 'Leaked' Song ‘Half The World Away’ Sends Fans Into Meltdown

26 August 2020, 17:28

An unreleased One Direction song has appeared online
An unreleased One Direction song has appeared online. Picture: PA

A supposedly unreleased One Direction song called ‘Half the World Away’ has leaked online.

One Direction have a back catalogue of unreleased songs, but the latest in the archives to be uncovered is ‘Half the World Away’, which appeared on Youtube on 25 August, leaving fans stunned that they’d not heard it before.

There are a number of 1D songs the boys never released which fans have known about for years, but the new leaked song came as a complete surprise.

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The track already has over 400k views and is the only video to be uploaded on the new channel, titled The One Direction Archive.

Harry Styles is said to have written 'Half the World Away'
Harry Styles is said to have written 'Half the World Away'. Picture: Getty

Within a matter of hours the channel has over 40k subscribers.

‘Half the World Away’ was apparently written by Harry Styles in 2013, but this is the first time fans are getting to hear it.

Giving Directioners hope the boys are reviving some of their old creations following their tenth anniversary, one person tweeted: “The channel was made very recently. literally TODAY. and the only content they’ve posted is ‘Half The World Away’ which is a leaked UNRELEASED one direction song that harry wrote for tmh. what if it’s one of the boys or someone with connections? are they going to leak more?”

Another excitedly wrote: “IN THE DESCRIPTION BOX OF THE HALF THE WORLD AWAY VIDEO IT SAYS ‘the first official unreleased one direction song that has ever been leaked’ ‘the FIRST’ DOES THAT MEAN MORE IS COMING?!?”

“Unreleased one direction song from take me home era in August 2020 just 1 month after the 10th anniversary? Welcome to Clowntown [sic],” a third hopeful stan added.

In a recent Instagram Live chat with fans, Liam apparently said he would look for some unreleased One Direction songs, so fans are convinced it was he who uploaded it.

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