Harry Styles Reveals The Hectic Way One Direction Recorded Music Whilst On Tour

26 August 2020, 12:22

Harry Styles reveals how One Direction would record music whilst on tour
Harry Styles reveals how One Direction would record music whilst on tour. Picture: PA Images

Harry Styles has revealed the unique way One Direction recorded songs whilst on a packed world tour schedule and it was less than glamorous.

Harry Styles revealed how One Direction were recording music at the height of the band's career whilst on tour in his 2019 'Fine Line' interview with Zane Lowe and its so much less glamorous than anyone would expect.

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The 26-year-old explained by the latter part of their time together, on the final two tours, he, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn would record in a converted surveillance van that would travel around with them.

He said: "On the last two tours we bought this old surveillance van and converted it into a studio."

"It would follow the tour around, so at the venue you would go into this tiny little surveillance van with no air conditioning."

"It was fun to record it like that...but it was a totally different process."

One Direction at the NRJ Music Awards 2013
One Direction at the NRJ Music Awards 2013. Picture: Getty

Of course, anyone who has seen 1D's This Is Us documentary movie will know this method, as it shows the boys recording music in DIY recording studios, belting out what would become iconic tunes in breaks between shows.

Niall explained: "We set up two mattresses against the wall, and then a microphone, a laptop, a couple of speakers, and there we are- that's how we did the last album."

But this is the first time we're hearing about a whole van following the boys about to help them record.

That is one jam packed schedule, no wonder the boys were pretty exhausted!

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