Olivia Rodrigo Gifted 'Drivers License' Cake From One Of Her Idols Halsey

19 January 2021, 12:20

Olivia Rodrigo Reveals Halsey Has Sent Her A Gift

Olivia Rodrigo revealed Halsey has sent her a gift and we really wanted to know what it was- fortunately she was on the Big Top 40 chatting with Will Manning so we got the low down!

Olivia Rodrigo is on top of the world right now as her song 'Drivers License' debuts at number 1 in the UK and her favourite artists are rushing to praise her and in Halsey's case, even sending her a gift!

Olivia Rodrigo Used To Write One Direction Fan Fiction

Olivia Rodrigo is trying to guess what Halsey sent her
Olivia Rodrigo is trying to guess what Halsey sent her. Picture: Big Top 40/ Instagram @halsey

Whilst chatting to our very own Will Manning for the Big Top 40 chart, we were desperate to find out what the 'Graveyard' singer had sent the Disney star.

Olivia said: "I am such a huge Halsey fan i think that 'Manic' is one of the best albums put out in recent times."

"But I haven't gotten the package yet- I've been speculating too, she's being enticing about it!"

"She's like 'ooh, it's kind of weird, but small', so I have no idea."

Now, it's been revealed Halsey actually sent her a personalised drivers licence cake, congratulating the star on the massive success of the song.

Olivia took to Instagram, saying: "Holy sh** thank u @iamhalsey."

Halsey gifted Olivia Rodrigo a personalised cake
Halsey gifted Olivia Rodrigo a personalised cake. Picture: Instagram @olivia.rodrigo

Elsewhere in the chat, Olivia dropped the bombshell she was not only an enormous One Direction fan back in the day but her obsession branched into her writing her own fan fiction.

She told Will: "I actually was the hugest One Direction fan when I was younger."

"This is sort of embarrassing but I'm going to tell you anyway."

"I used to write One Direction fan fiction when I was in middle school."

"Just cheesy stuff like 'Oh, Harry proposes to you' and stuff like that."

"I was that die hard of a fan."

Fast forward to 2021, and actual Niall Horan is messaging her advice about the music industry.

Olivia's song debuted at number 1 on the UK chart and it's safe to say she's killing it right now.

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