YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials Confirms 'Biggest Nightmare' After Armed Robbery At Home In Netherlands

10 August 2020, 17:04

Nikki Tutorials confirms armed robbery at house in The Netherlands
Nikki Tutorials confirms armed robbery at house in The Netherlands. Picture: Instagram @nikkietutorials

Nikkie Tutorials released a statement confirming a traumatising attack by masked gunmen whilst she and her boyfriend were at home.

Make-up YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials has been targeted by gunmen in her home in the Netherlands who made off with an unconfirmed amount of belongings as the millionnaire make-up mogul takes to Instagram to let her followers know she is safe.

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Nikkie, real name Nikkie De Jager, and her boyfriend, Dylan were at home when three gunmen broke in, threatened them with the firearm and reportedly left 'one resident injured' according to a Dutch police report.

In a statement posted to her 14 million Instagram followers, the 26-year-old wrote:

"Earlier today one of my biggest nightmares became a reality when get got robbed under gun point at our own home."

"Dylan and myself got attacked but physically we're okay. Mentally its a whole other story."

"I'm writing this message for now to let you know we are "okay" and safe."

"Thank you for understanding as I take the next couple of days to myself."

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I love you 💞

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A translated police report confirmed the incident as well as the fact the perpetrators are still currently on the loose.

It read: "The perpetrators threatened the residents with possibly a firearm and took an unknown loot from them."

"There are at least three perpetrators who fled in a beige car towards the A50."

Nikkie is one of the most successful internet make-up influencers with an estimated net worth of $6 million and 13 million YouTube subscribers.

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Recently, the influencer came out to the world as trans after being 'blackmailed' with someone threatening to out her in a video she uploaded online.

She said: "I can't believe I'm saying this today to all of you for the entire world to see. But damn, it feels good to finally do it. It is time to let go and be truly free."

"When I was younger, I was born in the wrong body, which means that I am transgender now."

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