My Plans – 2020: Seven Memes That Accurately Sum Up This Year

20 May 2020, 16:46

The 'my plans, 2020' meme has gone viral
The 'my plans, 2020' meme has gone viral. Picture: Twitter

The ‘my plans, 2020’ meme is the latest viral thread to give us all the LOLs we need.

After almost two months of lockdown and social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, the internet has continued to react in the best ways – and the latest is the ‘my plans - 2020’ meme.

The meme accurately sums up the high hopes we all had for the start of the new decade, which were dashed within months due to the virus.

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We’ve seen the hilarious reactions all over our timelines this week, so decided to gather up some of the best.

From Parent Trap memes to totally relatable scenes from Normal People, these are the vibes we're all on right now...

A scene from The Office we’ve seen all over social media for years, its viral status in 2020 could not be more apt at this time.

Freaky Friday is an iconic film, and the unexpected moment the waitress’ mother at the Chinese restaurant instills the ‘switch’ on Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis’ characters is exactly how we’ll be describing 2020 for years to come.

Taylor Swift said she “personally relates” to this tweet, as the star has been honest with fans in that all she feels she's been doing during lockdown is cooking and drinking wine – and re-watching her Paris ‘Lover’ concert on Disney Plus, no doubt.

Marianne’s boyfriend Jamie is basically Normal People’s villain in our eyes, after he caused absolute chaos and awkwardness during their friends’ totally adorable al fresco meal cooked by Peggy in Italy.

Parasite is the film with an ending that shocked everyone, so we’re not surprised it’s been turned into this hilarious meme.

Just like the pandemic has halted everyone’s plans for this year, Meredith wreaks havoc on Annie and Hallie’s plans to reunite their parents – we couldn’t relate to them more.

The bagel pictures in this hilarious update from the New Jersey Government are a statement in itself, snm.

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