JoJo Siwa Addresses Claims She Stole 'Choose Ur Fighter' After Original Song Goes Viral

4 June 2024, 14:30

JoJo Siwa Addresses Claims She Stole Her New Song 'Choose Ur Fighter' From Another Artist
JoJo Siwa Addresses Claims She Stole Her New Song 'Choose Ur Fighter' From Another Artist. Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, James Klug/Getty Images
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Videos of Emeline originally singing the song have gone viral and she's revealed that she didn't sign off on JoJo's version.

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JoJo Siwa has clapped back at new accusations that she stole her upcoming single 'Choose Ur Fighter' from another artist.

Earlier this year (April 14), JoJo Siwa divided the internet with her first adult single 'Karma'. Some fans loved the early 2010s pop sound of the song but JoJo also faced intense criticism. Most notably, JoJo was accused of stealing the song from an artist called Brit Smith who recorded the song in 2010. However, Brit never released the song and JoJo didn't steal it.

Now, JoJo is facing plagiarism accusations once again. People think she stole 'Choose Ur Fighter' from rising star Emeline and JoJo has since defended herself on TikTok denying the claims and explaining how she ended up with the song.

JoJo Siwa calls out “brutal” reaction to ‘Karma’

Last week (May 31), JoJo took to TikTok to tease her next single, 'Choose Ur Fighter'. In the video, JoJo says: "For the past few weeks the world has been f------ brutal, they've been talking so much s---, but I don't give a f---. Choose ur fighter b---." She then plays a clip of the song which has since been released as a sound on TikTok.

JoJo also teased the personal story behind the song at a listening party telling fans: "I want you to listen for a very special ad lib. 'Cause it is about one of my exes. And I will sure as hell point it out when that ad lib comes - don’t you worry. This next song is called ‘Choose Ur Fighter.’"

However, people then started accusing JoJo of stealing the song after noticing that Queer artist Emeline had teased the song back in 2022 in a now deleted TikTok video.

Emeline also took to TikTok to write: "i actually didn't sign off on it coming out with jojo (not her fault)".

She also teased that she may still release her version if people want it.

On June 1st, JoJo posted a video explaining what actually happened with the song. In a caption, she wrote: "I don't WRITE my songs. I SING them. I have an incredible team of songwriters that write songs and pitch them to me to see if I wanna make the song mine. It's kinda like when you buy clothes... you don't MAKE it but it's yours after you buy it."

JoJo then added: "They also ALWAYS get their credit and of course their cheque."

As for if she ever writes, JoJo said: "I do enjoy the writing process, however for me as an artist that is not my speciality so I like to work with different songwriters to sing their lyrics, adds a feeling to it, and ultimately bring the song to life."

JoJo Siwa shuts down claims she stole ‘Choose Ur Fighter’

'Choose Ur Fighter' was co-written by Emeline, Solly, Peter Thomas and Sean Kennedy but was likely shopped to JoJo after Emeline decided not to release it. Whether or not Emeline releases her version is yet to be seen.

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