JoJo Siwa Explains How She Trolled The Internet With Viral 'Karma' Dance

10 April 2024, 15:16 | Updated: 3 May 2024, 15:08

JoJo Siwa teases new music video

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"I know I'm going down in flames for this one because I look crazy."

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When you think about it, JoJo Siwa is kinda of a mastermind, actually. All that talk about her "bad" dancing in those viral 'Karma' videos? Yeah, she's been doing that on purpose.

'Karma', which marks the start of JoJo's 'adult era', has gone viral thanks to its catchy hook and absolutely wild music video – which features an excessive amount of humping. The dramatic choreography has also now become a trend on TikTok, with people all over the world attempting JoJo's bizarre 'all-out' dance routine.

But if you thought the dancing was a bit too much, or maybe even 'bad', that's because it was meant to be. JoJo has now admitted that she danced like that on purpose in order to make the video go viral. See... mastermind behaviour.

JoJo Siwa admits to trolling everyone over her viral Karma dance
JoJo Siwa admits to trolling everyone over her viral Karma dance. Picture: Momodu Mansaray/FilmMagic, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Speaking on The Viall Files podcast, JoJo explained that the much-talked about, and now mocked, dance move that features in her 'Karma' viral choreography was actually 'over-danced' on purpose with the intention to blow up on TikTok.

When asked by host Nick Viall if the conversation and criticism surrounding her dance moves 'drives her nuts', JoJo shared a pretty open and honest answer.

"I have been so hard on me in the dance world," she said. "I don't think I'm a good dancer, I don't think I'm a good singer. People saying sh*t, I'm like ok you're not telling me anything I've not already told myself."

Then, JoJo revealed that she basically set herself up on purpose.

JoJo Siwa shares BTS of Karma shoot

"With that particular dance move, it started because I was f*cking around in the studio videoing the dance. I was like I wanna see what it looks like when do it overly full out because that sh*t would sometimes do really good on TikTok."

JoJo explained that she was inspired by an old dance series she did on the platform, where she did dance trends as if she were dancing as her 11-year-old self. Full out Dance Moms JoJo.

"So I did it as the choreo in 'Karma' and that's that first one that I posted where's it's like 'What the f*ck is she doing?'" she said. "I sent it to my mum and I was like 'Dude look at this!' I was like something about this is crack-ingested and you have to watch it twice."

She continued: "I was like, I just gotta chuck it up, I know I'm going down in flames for this one because I look crazy."

"So I chucked it up, and whaddya know, it goes nuts. So then that became a thing. I kinda had to keep doing it like that."

JoJo then invited all of the "top dog" dancers in LA, and taught them the dance. She then explained that the original version of the step has been changed on purpose to keep people talking about online.

And you know what? It's working! So there you have it. 'Karma' is an undeniable earworm, and JoJo has been trolling this entire time.

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